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We at Gnistra Clean Security Cleaning have always had our customers’ security needs as a driving force. The question we have asked ourselves is how we best can secure our internal and external activities, often with digital tools to deliver office cleaning with the highest security in the cleaning industry? The answer is the cleaning industry’s most developed security system.

The second thing that drives us is customer experience design, how can the experience of our services lie at a high even level? We believe that you get it by combining the digital security tools with human warmth and a genuine interest in solving your, the customer’s, problems.

Our foremost resource is our dear employees who deliver on the promises of Gnistra clean, week in and week out. We are very proud of the level of professionalism and seriousness of our staff. It is not anyone who is willing to take the responsibility necessary to carry out our deliveries.

But it is you, the customer, who is also the most important person in our ecosystem, we hope that you will remain with us for many years. If you are new to us, please let me know. You can reach me at +46709402008, I respond as long as I do not sit in the meeting. You are most welcome to send me an email at david@gnistrastad.se.

Well met in your office.

David Pilbäck, CEO

Gnistra Clean – Security cleaning

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David Pilbäck, CEO Gnistra Clean


David Pilbäck


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