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Office Cleaning Stockholm


Office cleaning in Stockholm

With over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry, of which 15 years as our own company, we know what professional and recurring office cleaning can mean for a company. Our business is based on long-term relationships with satisfied customers in Stockholm. You as a customer have the right to expect service of the highest class. Office cleaning in Stockholm through Gnistra Cleaning Security Cleaning gives your employees an attractive workplace where they have the opportunity to be in good health, to be their best self and to do their work in the best way. Through professional office cleaning, you give your employees the good work environment they need, while strengthening your brand and ensuring that your visitors get an impeccable impression of your company.

We can deliver cleaning with the highest quality and safety

Office cleaning in Stockholm

We at Gnistra Cleaning know what uninterrupted office cleaning means to you as a customer and with us, you get a supplier that has the capacity and the skills required to deliver a reprehensible cleaned workplace, week in and week out.

Professional office cleaning in Stockholm

Professional office cleaning is, according to us, one of the most important investments in a modern company. When companies invest in their indoor environment by keeping office premises clean, they see how employee satisfaction increases and how they get fewer sick enrollments. They also improve the profitability of the company by increasing employee satisfaction and performance. Spotless office space makes the business better impression sensitive among customers, visitors and business partners.

Professional office cleaning in Stockholm city center brings with it many advantages

  • Increased productivity
  • Less sick leave
  • Increased comfort
  • A stronger brand
  • Increased customer confidence

Office cleaning in all of Stockholm’s neighborhoods

Are you sitting in offices in Stockholm city center and want to offer your employees the perfect working environment? Then we are the perfect partner for you as we provide customers with first-class service through our professional office cleaning.

Office Cleaning Stockholm

What is included in ongoing office cleaning?

Public office space

  • Dusting of all free flat surfaces
  • Stain removal on glass walls
  • Emptying of bins
  • Vacuuming of free floor surfaces
  • Vacuuming of carpets
  • Mopping of free floor surfaces according to need and the weather
  • Cleaning of switches, lighting buttons, and wall contacts
  • Cleaning doors and

Conference rooms and meeting rooms

  • Wiping off conference tables and chairs.
  • Emptying bins.
  • Vacuuming floor surfaces.
  • Vacuuming of carpets.
  • Put the chairs in order.
  • Mopping of floors.
  • Cleaning of switches, wall contacts, door and door handles.

Kitchen and Lunch room

  • Collect dirty dishes from all over the office.
  • Refill and start the dishwasher.
  • Empty kitchen garbage.
  • Cleaning garbage cans.
  • Wiping of tables and chairs.
  • Cleaning the sink and all the appliances outside.
  • Cleaning the kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Vacuuming and mopping the kitchen floor.


  • Cleaning sanitary interior
  • Cleaning adjoining wall surfaces
  • Trimming toilet mirrors.
  • Refilling consumables.
  • Vacuuming and mopping of the toilet floor.
  • Cleaning of moldings, switches, door, and door handles


  • Cleaning and mopping all lifts
  • Cleaning of mirrors and glass sections.
  • Cleaning elevator buttons.
  • Cleaning elevator doors.

Quality guarantee

  • Gnistra Cleaning always leaves quality guarantee on jobs performed and deviations are reported within 24 hours of cleaning assignments performed.


  • Billing takes place monthly for all current assignments.
  • Consumables and orders are billed in arrears.
  • Invoices are usually sent by email to customers.

Why choose Gnistra Cleaning?

How we work

Quality guarantee

We take full responsibility for all our deliveries. You as a customer should always be satisfied with the quality of cleaning.

Own contact person

You get a personal contact with us. Often, the office manager and the cleaner have SMS contact for faster communication.

Short binding time

All of our cleaning contracts have a month's notice period. You should be a customer with us because you are satisfied with our quality

Collective agreements

All our employees are covered by collective agreements, it provides security and satisfied employees.

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